Annandale, Virginia (webnewswire) November 10, 2018 – The Fairfax pool removal contractors at Dirt Connections released a blog emphasizing the benefits of installing a patio instead of keeping an inground pool. Following a pool removal, there are several ways to turn a new patio into a relaxing area of the home.

Keeping a pool can cause several time- and money-wasting problems. In areas where pools are not the norm, they may bring down the value of your home, as people will likely be less enthusiastic about the upkeep necessary to keep the pool area safe. They are also expensive, requiring hundreds of dollars per year in chemicals, equipment, and repairs. Small yards can be dwarfed by a pool, leaving little space for a lawn that would allow you to entertain guests, play with your children or pets, and use the yard for other purposes.

A patio, meanwhile, provides plenty of space for a variety of activities. The area can be completely customized with some small decorations and modifications. A pergola allows for just the right amount of sunlight to enter while still providing some shade on particularly warm days. Homeowners can also install kitchens in their patios, ranging from a simple barbeque setup to a full outdoor bar, stove, grill, and prep area, depending on the size of the patio. A fireplace or fire pit can provide enough warmth to keep outdoor dinners going long into the fall. When it comes to seating, consider long benches to accommodate large groups of people. Designing seating areas differentiated by varied landscaping, such as brick and gravel, can also give the appearance of a larger deck. Finally, potted plants throughout the area can seamlessly transition your patio area to the rest of the backyard for a cohesive look.

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