Bookmark managers help us to handle a large inflow of web pages in an organized way. Bookmark manager saves our favorites to visit them again. Yes, browser extensions are sufficient for this task, but definitely, we need something to organize our online bookmarks more efficiently. As internet usage has grown up at a rapid pace and there are many such bookmark managers which have evolved with their supportive features.
According to a recent analysis, below are some useful bookmark managers: is a smart place to save web links, images, videos and more. It has an attractive visualization. And it allows users to save their favorites into categories and subcategories. Users can access their collections from any device by logging into their account. Users can share their bookmarks with another social media or individuals by inviting them. Users can add tags while saving the links. suggests auto tags and also users can customize based on their choices. It’s such an ultimate feature helps to filter the links easily from huge collections. It allows users to save and access the bookmarked folders in alphabetical, ascending/descending and date wise.

Visit Website: is both user-friendly and browser friendly and currently allowed to access the features for free. It sums up all the bookmarking features along with the incredible add-ons which provide additional functionality. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. The apps are featured in Andriod and iOS mobiles. The bookmarked links can be shared to social media sites with beautiful snippet and images which is an extraordinary feature and gaining huge popularity

Key Features: save, sync and tagging option, auto suggestions for tagging, auto suggestions, reminder bell to highlight and revisit your important bookmark which is saved to read later, chat support, import/export bookmarked links, all browsers support, sharing a public or private board is a simple and well-designed bookmark manager to gather web and media content. It is accessible as a portable application, as a web device, and as a program expansion for Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. It provides a lot of tools which includes both free and paid versions. It allows sharing the collections to another media.

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Key Features: Easy organization, links can be shared with another media, supports all browsers


Papaly is a personalized social bookmarking site with useful features. It is an alternative Papaly allows setting a new tab to bookmarks. There are apps available for Mac, Chrome, iOs & Android. Collections can be shared with another media.

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Key Features: Well organized, RSS feed bookmarking, customize appearance, import & export bookmarks, drag and drop, sharing a public or private board comes up with solid syndication and social sharing features for Android and iOS users. has well-supported mobile features.

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Key Features: Cross-browser bookmarklet, customizable categories, import/export bookmark, ads free.


Pearltrees is a visual bookmark manager and social bookmarking tool. Pearltrees allows users to save, organize and share the links they find on the internet. It helps to upload personal photos, files, and notes. It has applications for Android and IPad iPhone users. It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

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Key Features: Standard social bookmarking site, links can be stored in folders, available for free for Android and iOS app


Pinboard is a social bookmarking site and personal information archive. Pinboard offers integration with Twitter, Instapaper, Delicious, and other outside sites. Users can access it for free and it provides some advanced features for paid. Links can be archived to keep them in personal treasure to read later.

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Key Features: Allows links to sync with the cloud, can share to social media from desktop or tablet


Instapaper saves articles, videos, and much more variety of links from the web. Users can easily retrieve their important links by creating and highlighting notes. Instapaper is available on all devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, and Amazon Kindle.

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Key Features: Text highlight, well organized into article folders, syncs with Amazon Kindle, Inbuilt “reading time” for articles