MyEzcare, provides enterprise software solutions to help healthcare facilities operate more efficiently, today announced its multiple customer acquisitions into State of Hawaii to aid further expansion into the Hawaii Healthcare market.

Over the past two years, MyEzcare established – and significantly grew – its presence in North America. As one of the fastest growing healthcare markets, and a key focus for MyEzcare’s business, the decision to expand its operations in Hawaii – The number of people aged 65 and over in Hawaii is projected to rise 45% over the next 15 years, from 226,189 to 326,957 as per U.S. Census Population Projections – was the logical next step. “Healthcare agencies are seeing increased efficiencies, the elimination of repetitive tasks, and the instant availability of employee/patient schedule through the Master Schedule module from MyEzcare,” said Pallave Saxena/Sam Shah, Thought Leaders of the MyEzcare team. “We welcome the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with 3GS Direct Care Services and expand our client base in Hawaii in this important initiative.”

They continued, “We already have a number of new client relationships in the pipeline for 2018/19, so look forward to further leveraging our expertise to help clients run their operation effectively.”
About MyEzcare
Based in Scottsdale with 3 locations across 2 continents, MyEzcare provides enterprise software solutions to help healthcare facilities operate more efficiently. We understand healthcare’s unique complexities and work to reduce costs, drive patient satisfaction and streamline workflows—ultimately, creating a solution that works for everyone. Our software unites every aspect of the business from client care to revenue management to patient data and more, resulting in an end to end solution that can propel any Healthcare practice forward. Our greatest asset is listening to our clients and constantly evolving our solutions to ensure we are meeting customer needs.
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