Flag-china which is a very famous company in China, we are one of the leading professional and leading textile printing enterprise across the world. We (Flag China) are specialized in the field of production of high quality flags, tents, sun umbrella, display systems and simple and digital banners since many years. We have our own production of high quality of fabric, hardware system and also digital display. We are one of the oldest and finest companies in this field having greater than 100 year experience starting from 1918.We are proudly serving the whole world with our services with special focus on the top quality of our products. In china only, we have large area of 40.000m² for production that shows our focus on producing high quality of products especially in china.

Key Features of Lantern Banner

In Lantern Banner, three panels ensures 360 degree coverage
In Lantern Banner, branding at 2m high is the perfect eye level to attract attention
In Lantern Banner, unit designed to turn in the wind – elegant movement catches attention
In Lantern Banner, fabrics are interchangeable – update you message with ease
In Lantern Banner, easy to use – 30 seconds build & take down
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