Adcomhitech India, one of emerging players in manufacturing keypad mobile phones for the Indian market has laid a milestone by adding up two more quality phones in its online store.

While Adcom is known for producing cheapest quality phones for years and known for its “Value for Price” products of high quality. Like higher brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi etc. are beating the retreat for more innovation in the areas of smartphones, Adcom is taking keypad mobiles to an advanced level.

The potentials of a keypad mobile market in countries in India with more than a billion population is recognized by the organization. Indian is a land of cultures where an ethic of staying with our grandparents even exists today.

The use of keypad mobiles are habitual for every generations in India.

With new entrants in the Indian mobiles domain, Adcom has offered two variants that will compete with other participants.

1. Adcom A1 Selfie phone
2. Adcom A101 voice changer phone

Let us take a comparative study for the both the new feature phones.

Display Size:

Both the mobiles has 1.8 inch standard size (4.5 cm) display. Comes with a Sculpted Ergonomic Design.

Battery life:

Adcom A1 Selfie

1050 mAH Battery with a capacitytalk time of 15.7 hours and a month long standby.

Adcom A101

800 mAH Battery with a capacity talk time of 13.2 hours and a 27 day long standby.

Expandable Memory:

Both the feature phones has a capacity of 8 GB expandable memory.

Sim Slots:

Dual Sim Slots (GSM + GSM) in both the phones.

Covered Finishing:

Adcom A1 Selfie: Polycarbonate finish with 2.5 D Curved Glass

Adcom A101: Polycarbonate finish


Adcom A1 Selfie: Carribean Blue, Black and Blue

Adcom A101: Red and Blue.


Adcom A1 Selfie: Front Selfie camera &Rear Digital camera

Adcom A101: Digital camera


Both the feature phones has bluetooth.

Supporting Languages:

Hindi and English for both the phones.

Other Features:

Adcom A1 Selfie:

3.5 mm Audio Jack, WAP, GPRS, Music/ Video player, FM Radio

Adcom A101:

3.5 mm Audio Jack, Flashlight, Music/Video player, FM Radio


Adcom provides 1 year warranty on both the feature phones.


Adcom A1 Selfie: Rs 790/-
Adcom A101: Rs 590/-

With competing features, these two variants was launched only a week ago but has produced a challenge for other brands which are offering these identical features at a higher price.

A horizon to be explored yet, Adcom India has already made its way towards an innovative growth. With years to come, Adcom India has laid a milestone in its path to success.