Midst of 2018- a renowned Multi-national Digital Agency, Minibig Technologies is set out to add another popular and most-demanded software, the Water Supply Automation (WSA).

It is reported that Minibig Technologies has introduced WSA as a premium service for its clients keeping in mind the requirements of the consumer’s end. The digital media agency , with confidence and poise, claims that they are offering this software to the ones with Water supply business which will make the business more proficient by providing multiple services which were once done manually.

The WSA is designed with great consideration to every single module and comprises of order management, asset management, customer catalog, accounts, forms, permissions, user management, vendor management, payment gateways, employee management, and complaint management, but the actual essence of this software and the esteemed software house is the fact that it can easily customize the software as per the business requirements of its clients.

Billions of people and companies around the world are facing water shortage problem and wastewater issue. The consistency of quality water supply is becoming crucial day by day. These factors have been occurred due to the aging infrastructure of water supply.

Many states have already been affected by water shortage and still are facing some government regulations.
Now to help this combat, Minibig Technologies has introduced this software to over crucial issues like complete monitoring, control over water management activities, real-time messages and alerts, significant water savings and remarkable ROI.

Minibig Technologies, with great digital and developmental expertise, is even customizing this Water supply Automation software to meet the requirements of its clients to the best. Their agenda of bringing different Management Software to the tips of your fingers. You can easily be witnessed by the agency’s vast and creative portfolio.

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