Memorializing a loved one who has passed away in a loving manner shows that you respect them and recognize their place in your life. A great way to memorialize your loved one is with a memorial bench. Our recycled engraved memorial bench has become people’s favorite recently and many people consider buying it for multiple reasons. Let us take a look at the Cambridge Engraved Backed Bench and its features.
The Cambridge Engraved Backed Bench sports an attractive design and is completely cast out of recycled plastic. The bench is sturdy and durable. While memorializing your loved one with the Cambridge Engraved Backed Bench, you also give back to the environment by not utilizing the natural resources to produce a utility. While sporting an attractive design, the bench can also excel at being practically maintenance free. You can personalize this bench by investing in a laminate of bronze plaque for just $110.
The Cambridge Engraved Backed Bench comes in three different sizes – four feet, six feet and eight feet. There are also three different base colors to choose – black brown and green and seven different top colors – black, cedar, brown, gray, green, sand and weathered.
The features of the Cambridge Engraved Backed Bench are as follows:
• The bench is available for $441 for the 4 ft. variant, $664 for 6ft, and $794 for 8ft variant
• The seat measures about 15 3/8” in width and 18” in height
• The bench is practically maintenance free
• The plaque comes in bronze or laminate
• The bench is completely cast out of recycled plastic.
If you are looking for engraved recycled plastic bench that can honor your deceased loved one, shop from us. We offer beautiful and lasting benches that are sure to memorialize your loved ones life.