This women’s watch Furla Mirage Quartz R4251117504 Women’s Watch, is designed with a soft leather band and stainless steel case to entice the beautiful petite wrist of a woman. A delicate and essential silhouette characterizes it. The classy accessory has been produced in classy camellia shades with a21mm round dial. The very pink colour clearly states the feminity and especially goes with the whites and green ensembles. A hemispherical glass case with the Furla engraved crown. The rose gold tinted case enhances the orchid pink leather band and the dial.

These days, nearly every woman seems to have a smart phone permanently attached to her hand, and all she has to do to tell the time is take a quick glance at the digital clock in the corner of the phone’s display. That hasn’t diminished the importance and appeal of a fine luxury watch. A high-end watch is the perfect way for a woman to complement her outfit, adding elegance, class and style to her overall appearance.

Mirage Quartz R4251117504 Women’s Watch, conveys a woman’s personality in a way no other accessory can, while at the same time accenting her femininity and beauty. Lovely, minimalist watches and large, ornate ones are each able to make a distinct fashion statement – depending on the woman’s personal style and look.

The Italian fashion house Furla is best known for its women’s bags and accessories line, but the label has expanded in recent years to produce accessories like watches. Their timepiece designs combine classic FURLA style with outstanding movements. The Mirage Quartz R4251117504 Women’s Watch line of timepieces is elegant, stylish and modern, and the Sofia Pink is a minimalist beauty with a geometric appearance. The dial is made from pink enamel with pink gold-plated hands and logo. And covered by a hemispherical-faceted sapphire glass crystal. It’s powered by a high-caliber electronic quartz movement and is one of the lowest-priced luxury watch. The delicate and feminine appearance of this timepiece, however, would be striking at any price.

Though this watch is described as having a classic style, in this case, the word “classic” should not be misunderstood as “old-fashioned.” The Furla Elisir Quartz Women’s Watch has been designed with a modern aesthetic kept in mind. If you want a watch that you can wear almost daily because it is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, this watch will not fail you.

Bottom line: A cool Furla Online Watches with the fine detailing of feminine intricacies. A petite watch to suit a petite wrist and the brand to flaunt that every woman desires. A watch one can carry from a boardroom to a party hall. It’s got all the grace and beauty needed.