There is going to be a surfing program at Mangawhai heads or Te Arai Beach every Monday for kids of age 7 to 16. There will be 7 weeks to learn surfing for each stage. Safe and easy, but full of fun. The program will have 4 teams and will start from 29th October 2018, last day on 10th December 2018.
The junior surfers will get teamed up according to their abilities and ages and are put in team an and 2 along with energetic and supportive coaches for complete program. Time slots will be 4 or 5:30 pm. 4 pm for kids with age 7 to 11 and 5.30 pm for kids with ages 12 to 16.
The friends or siblings of various ages will be catered in same team and create allowances for the kids who just make a specific time but in ideal cases. New surfers with low level of confidence are welcomed more than others in program. The Aotearoa surf gets an ability of working closely with under confident and young kids, giving them more strength.
Each of the coach will get NZ accreditation and training certificates. The Aotearoa surfing Club for juniors suit best for beginner, intermediate and new surfers who wish of getting up and up in sea. They get a holistic experience of surfing and a lot of fun and exploration.
Time: each Monday – staring from 29th October 2018
Sessions: each session will be of 1.5 hour from 4 to 5:30 pm and 5:30 to 7 pm. There will be 7 sessions in total.
Location: Mangawhai Head Beach or Te Arai Beach (the location may alter as per conditions – company will inform through mail a day before session)
Cost: $200
Things included: Almost everything! Instructor coaching, surfboarding, Surfing Lessons Auckland, fantastic experience and wetsuits. Surfers are welcomed for bringing their equipment or can use provided equipment.
Everything is provided to junior surfers especially including the wetsuits, but it is suggested to purchase a wetsuit
The main mission is to provide complete confidence to the junior surfers about the ocean so that they become able to manage any kind of situation at their disposal. They will also full awareness as well as surfing ability up to the level that they can resist large water waves without any help.
All junior surfers will get a chance of experiencing a wide range of activities in ocean and surf lessons at very young age and develop team and personal skills which they can carry on for rest of their lives. They will achieve a lot and will be so proud of themselves at the end of program.
Book yourself in the junior surfing program by including your name at the site and then select the time slot of your choice. Use credit card or bank transfer for the payment. For queries or comments you can call or email the company at 021442163 –
That’s all about it and happy surfing everyone!
09 431 5760