Beverly Hills, CA – Nov 18: Tendere Hair is introducing a new hair extension line called Mermaid Hair Extension for beautiful & thick hair. The company is an exclusive hair extension salon providing beautiful hair extensions to make your hair long and full.

Recently, Tendere Hair is launching a new technique of micro bead hair extension called Mermaid Hair Extensions. This hair extension is for those who are looking for long, luscious, full hair. Mermaid Hair Extensions are the thickest hair extensions available, as compared to other strand by strand hair extensions.

Tendere Hair is going to start doing these micro bead hair extensions from the 1st of November and it is called Mermaid Hair Extensions. It is an exclusive hair extension line that comes in 22-inch length with many customizable colors, and it is three times thicker than other average micro beaded extensions. The mermaid hair extension will change your look by adding luscious, long hair in just a couple of hours. It is the best hair extension method if you are looking for a change that includes long, beautiful hair in dynamic color choices.

The company is offering a 10% discount on Mermaid Hair Extensions for all their new customers. Book an appointment at Tendere Hair and to get this amazing opportunity. Tendere hair is an exclusive hair extension salon which offers various hair extension methods, hair extension services and other hair color services. Visit the website now for a complimentary consultation on your first visit.

About the Company:

Situated in Beverly Hills, Tendere Hair provides hair extensions for those who are looking for long, fuller and beautiful hair. They specialize in different hair extension methods such as micro link, hotheads, hand-tied and many others. With over fifteen years of experience the company is well-known for their excellent service and attention to detail.