Cologne, November 6, 2018. Draka”s Firetuf cable series has grown. The new Firetuf OFC-LT-SWA fire resistant loose tube cable with steel wire armour is designed for harsh environments and to ensure fail-safe management of operational systems in tunnels, underground railways and fire alarm systems. The portfolio of loose tube cables also includes non-metallic Firetuf OFC-LT-NM and steel tape armoured Firetuf OFC-LT-CST. With a maximum number of 144 fibres, all three cable types are unique in the market. Draka also offers the Firetuf OFC-UT central tube cables, which can resist to fire even longer than their loose tube variants. While the Firetuf OFC-LT stranded loose tube cables have up to 90 minutes of fire resistance, the Firetuf OFC-UT central tube cables maintain their function up to 120 minutes according to the standard in case of fire.

The number of tunnels and subways are increasing from year to year. Unfortunately, however, new constructions that contribute to ease the traffic infrastructure can also be accompanied by traffic jams or emergency situations such as accidents or fires. “Safety is therefore the central issue in the planning and construction of tunnels,” says Tayfun Eren, Product Manager at Draka, Prysmian Group. “The operational systems for tunnel management must be fail-safe around the clock. This requires safe and reliable cabling.” Draka as part of Prysmian Group, one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, offers its Firetuf cable series for use in road tunnels and subways as well as where fire alarm system is a need. The high-quality cables are optimized for applications in tunnel operation such as fire detection, fire alarm systems, light and ventilation control and escape route systems and guarantee a highly available cable infrastructure.

The latest addition to the Firetuf series is the steel wire armoured, refractory Firetuf OFC-LT-SWA. It is ideal for heavy duty applications, as it provides higher mechanical strength with its higher pulling tension and higher protection against severe rodents. The loose tube cable offers up to 90 minutes fire resistance thanks to its innovative design with double LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheathing in accordance with IEC standard 60331-25. The number of fibres per cable from 12 to 144 is unique on the market. Further loose tube cables with a maximum number of 144 fibres are the non-metallic Firetuf OFC-LT-NM and the corrugated steel tape armoured Firetuf OFC-LT-CST. All three cable types have been thoroughly tested and approved.

In addition, Draka offers Firetuf OFC-UT-NM (non-metallic) and Firetuf OFC-UT-CST (steel tape armoured) central tube cables, which are extremely fire-resistant up to 120 minutes. Both cable types were tested and certified by an independent third party. Depending on the design, they are equipped with 2 to 24 fibres.