“Bollywood Actress Ihana Dhillon Celebrates Diwali this year with New Born Kids”

Ihana Dhillon who was last seen in both Bollywood and Punjabi films like Hate Story 4, punjabi movies like Daddy Cool Munde Fool, Tiger and Thug Life is Celebrating Diwali this time with new born kids.

Ihana says, Just wondering if innocence can be compromised, of these kids or new borns just becausw they are not born out of a wedlock or have some deformity or born as a girl child. Being a woman it even touched me deeper during my recent visit to Radha Krishna Dham, especially while looking at abandoned girls because they are Girls!
Holding each of these children in my arms gave me a connect with God and a question still resonating in my mind- For how long humanity & happiness will keep coming with man-madeTerms & Condition! So this Diwali I m taking my step on making it unconditional as made by God for all of us. Happy Diwali