Manila, Philippines- EyesUP, the newest social media app developed by MicroSLT Inc., will be accessible to both Android and iPhone users by end of November (2018). This app offers them a unique social media experience by going back to basics and maintaining only the most relevant features, ensuring that users still get to enjoy a simple yet holistic social media environment.

Seeing users’ trouble with other apps’ complex and confusing features, EyesUP saw the need to simplify social applications for their convenience. EyesUP allows users to connect in any medium they want- instant messaging, voice call, video call in just one app. The Board section keeps them updated with their family and friends’ online activities. Users can express themselves freely and creatively through photos and videos. Our Discover feature lets them see what’s fresh, popular, and trending. Our group chat feature also allows them to collaborate with up to 50 members who can be their friends or colleagues.

The app’s key features are customer-centric because EyesUP values and listens to users’ recommendations as we continuously update its features based on their preferences and demands. This social media all in one app hence saves them time, effort, stress, and money.

Any user can take advantage of this social media all in one app for free. EyesUP will be accessible to various countries. Soon, it will be available globally as EyesUP wants the whole world to experience this fun and fresh social media platform.

Feel free to visit to learn more about how our app works and see more screenshots of the app.

EyesUP was developed by MicroSLT, a recognized corporation that commits to revolutionizing information technology and social media through developing the most relevant and efficient social applications.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us through phone: +63 2 968 8712/ +63 917 710 5683 or email us at