Watersports by First Yacht
Watersports South Beach
at La Mer by Meeras

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Watersports by First Yacht offers flyboarding sessions at La Mer Beach by Meeras in Dubai. Flyboarding is a remarkable experience. It is all about strapping on a powerful water-jet board to the feet and taking to the water and soaring into the sky to perform feats that are beyond imagination! The flyboard structure is similar to a snowboard and the pressurised streams of water propel it into the air. Watersports in Dubai ensures the mechanism is of the highest quality with zero possibility of failure.

Flyboarding is an adventure watersport that hit Dubai a few years ago and has become a popular pastime. Flyboarding is for thrill-seekers and a must try for everyone that enjoys watersports. Flyboarding has made waves on the Dubai seas. French Jet Ski racer Franky Zapata created flyboard and the instructors at Watersports have been privileged to work closely with Zapata over the years.

Flyboarding is an exhilarating sport that leaves people wondering why they never tried it before. Watersports has a team of experienced flyboard instructors and pro flyboarders to help beginners and experienced flyboarders build unforgettable memories. Fly high and enjoy the stunning view of the Dubai skyline.

Instructors provide beginner lessons and once learners feel comfortable they will teach them exciting tricks to get the heart racing. Benefit from the best equipment, the latest flyboard on the market the Flyboard Pro series. The Pro series is sent directly from Franky Zapta’s factory.

Dubai is the ideal spot for this adventure watersport because the waters remain calm throughout the year. It is an intensified sporting experience that has taken Dubai by storm.

The Head of Watersports was quoted as saying “Watersports located on La Mer beach is becoming the best spot for watersports activities. You can enjoy a perfect day at the beach while trying out our flyboarding sessions. Challenge gravity and fly high with this exhilarating watersport”.

About Us
Watersports by First Yacht is a professional spot to enjoy the best watersport activities in Dubai. It is located at Meeras Project called La Mer Watersports. The primary goal of the company is to provide the highest standard of watersports activities which include jet skiing, flyboard, paddle rental, waterbike and wakboard. Watersport organizes events to enjoy the perfect day at the beach. For more information, visit our website on https://watersports.ae/best-activities-dubai/.