Portland, OR — Velvet Cloud has moved to Portland, OR. The company announced the move in a blog post on Sept. 11 and recently completed the moving process from San Francisco, CA.

Velvet Cloud started in 2011 and previously had offices in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Velvet Cloud cited several reasons for the move, among them prohibitive tax, regulatory and the high cost of living in California.

“For many reasons, including but not limited to the passage of Prop E by the city of San Francisco, we feel it is no longer tenable to operate in California, let alone San Francisco,” the blog post said. “The first people to join our team were a couple that moved to San Francisco from Portland recently – some friends of ours. Despite wanting to head back, they toughed it out for us in San Francisco to keep Velvet Cloud alive and well. Now that California is no longer viable for Velvet Cloud…we’ve offered to now give their hometown a try.”

Following the blog post announced, Velvet Cloud halted shipping from Sept. 12 to Sept. 17 while completing the move. With everything up and running in the new location, there is newfound excitement for things to come for Velvet Cloud.

In light of the move, Velvet Cloud is offering customers a special offer. By using the code “Portland” on Velvet Cloud’s website, customers can take 25 percent off their order to celebrate the successful move and new chapter in the business.

Velvet Cloud was founded in 2011 and provides locally made, artisanal and ultra high VG based e-liquids. All ingredients are hand selected and recipes for e-liquids are perfected. There are no added ingredients to Velvet Cloud’s e-liquids — they are high VG liquid, vegan, and contain no coloring, artificial sweeteners, are sugar free, GMO free, and gluten free. All products are made locally, but demand is so high for Velvet Cloud’s juices that they are sold and enjoyed all over the world.

Velvet Cloud sells e-liquids in a variety of categories, including dessert, fruit, tobacco, menthol and unflavored VG liquids. The dessert category includes unique flavors like Frosted Gingerbread, Nutty Cookie, and Vanilla Custard. The fruit category includes Strawb-Gwab, Peach Tea, and Melonomenon. Velvet Cloud is e-juices done right and true to their heritage.

Velvet Cloud also offers wholesale products to local vape shops around the United States. Products can be shipped domestic or international from three US warehouses and Velvet Cloud’s products can be carried in local shops across the country. Email wholesale@velvetcloud.com to inquire about adding Velvet Cloud products to be carried locally.

For any questions regarding the move or about Velvet Cloud’s many products or e-liquids, contact the dedicated and caring staff by email at info@velvetcloud.com or follow Velvet Cloud on social media on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed on company updates, sales, giveaways, contests and more. You can also learn more and stay up to date on happenings, new products and more from Velvet Cloud by subscribing to their newsletter on the website.