GH Capital among “the 50 most trustworthy companies of 2018 in the U.S”

Leading FinTech Company, GH Capital Inc., ranks among the 50 most trustworthy companies of the year 2018 according to Silicon review source:–katic-gh-capital-inc–coo-our-goal-is-to-generate-a-long-term-growth-and-value-for-all-our-shareholders/

GH Capital Inc. is one of the top service providers in the Finacial Industry that has carved a niche for itself thanks to its innovative and excellent service delivery. The company has grown over the years and was recently recognized as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies of the year 2018, a remarkable feat that further reiterates the reliability and professionalism of the company.

It is no news that the financial services industry has evolved over the years, experiencing amazing transformations with technology advancements contributing immensely to the transformations. This has led to the emergence of the FinTech sector, which has led to a change in the way transactions are handled and how cash flow in all sizes and nature of businesses across different industries. The use of technology to ease the process of transacting businesses and to ensure safer transactions has further helped businesses to have an effective process. One of the companies that have been at the forefront of recent transformations in the Fintech sector is GH Capital Inc.

Founded in 2014 by leading experts from the European Payment and the Finance Industry, the company has grown to become one of the most sought-after service providers in the whole of Europe and parts of America, particularly North and Southern America. The recent ranking of the company as one of the top most trustworthy companies ranked among the first 50 in the world for 2018.

In less than half a decade of operations, GH-Capital Inc. has helped businesses from different industries to achieve their goal of going public, easing the process and making it faster for them to attract potential investors and raise funds from the capital market to fund their project.

Based on the principles of cost-effectiveness, fast growth, and premium quality service delivery, the company helps businesses to save the time, anxiety and 10 of thousands of dollars required to go public, taking the whole process from the scratch and handling it till the company becomes listed on the capital market.


Therefore, it did not come as a surprise for many that GH-Capital Inc. was ranked as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies of the year 2018 by Silicon Review, as it aims to continue in the pursuit of its goals of going above board to satisfy its customers and generate a long-term growth and value for its shareholders.

More information about GH-Capital Inc. and the services offered by the company can be found on their website

About GH-Capital Inc.

GH-Capital Inc. was founded in 2014 in Florida by leading experts from the European Payment and the Finance Industry. The company aims to help businesses of all types and sizes to reach their goal, using technology solutions to disrupt incumbent financial systems and corporations, with a focus on European, North American and South American markets.
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