Top Flats and Apartments in Thrissur
SD Developers has chosen their first luxury apartments and flats project to be located in Thrissur, Kerala. Thrissur is widely known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala, where world famous cultural and religious events such as the Thrissur Pooram are held. The city is a host to several well-known temples and arts academies.

Thrissur is also known as an incubator for entrepreneurs from Kerala and a major financial and commercial hub. With many famous educational institutions and shopping centres, Thrissur has emerged as a modern traditional city.

As an emerging cosmopolitan city that offers an excellent mix of traditional and urban lifestyle, Thrissur has become a hotspot for apartments, flats and villas. With many businessmen and professionals settling down in the city, there has been a high demand for quality residential properties.

SD Developers believes that city living is about bringing people together and making bonds that last beyond a lifetime. We build flats, apartments and villas to connect people through shared spaces while making city life easy and stress-free as possible.

El Roi is our signature residential project located at the heart of Thrissur. This luxury apartment project is the epitome of luxury in every way. From the rooftop courtyard to the the private lift access for each flat, El Roi is designed and crafted for a select few.