Springfield, IL – As the Traffic Safety Leader, Warning Lites of Southern Illinois is thrilled to announce its newest distributor and service partnership. New distributor is based in Chicago and puts safety first and foremost as the single largest provider of Traffic Control Plan, safety products in Illinois. They are counted among top Traffic Control Companies as well.

“We could not be more excited and proud to announce our new partnership with one of the best Traffic Control Companies” says Jordan Sherlock, General Manager. “Warning Lites of Southern Illinois has for many years been recognized and admired as the most complete traffic safety products and Traffic Control Plan provider in the Illinois. That was only enhanced late last year, when our partner acquired our long-time multi-branch dealer.

Today’s agreement will expand the availability and on-site placement of WLSI portable traffic lights and Traffic Control Plan across the U.S. “To be able to extend our relationship through the entire organization and its 50-plus branch locations nationwide, we are now able to provide greater access to our industry-leading traffic control devices and Traffic Control Plan for public agencies, utilities, railroads and private contractors alike.

“Regardless of where they are working in the country, all users of WLSI traffic safety products will receive the complete product offering, service and Traffic Control Plan they need and deserve,” he explains. “Having them on the WLSI team as a distributor and service provider is a critical part of that.”

We’ve long had great respect for the true safety innovation and vision that WLSI founder Mike Fricke brought to the marketplace. We were able to get even more familiar with the engineering, production and quality control capabilities behind the WLSI product line. This is what places them among top Traffic Control Companies.

About Warning Lites of Southern Illinois

Based on a standard of excellence set in 1973 by Warning Lites of Illinois manager, Mike Fricke, Warning Lites of Southern Illinois was founded in August 2013 by his son Matt Fricke. Traffic control company. Founders Matt Fricke and Matt Stukenberg came together to form a company that would serve the Midwest supplying consistently superior traffic control and safety products, all the while putting the main focus of their business on forming new and nurturing existing customer relationships

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