[DUNEDIN, 06/11/2018] – Edenlite is a company in Dunedin that manufactures and supplies quality greenhouses, glasshouses and growing essentials to Australia and New Zealand. They have been providing high-quality products for over 50 years and have established themselves as a reputable supplier of glasshouses.
EDEN Glasshouses

Edenlite supplies a range of glasshouses that lasts up to 30 years. All of the glasshouses have 4mm toughened Grade A Safety Glass NZS/AS 2208 Certificate. They also have strong Comalco aluminium built that fits the NZS/AS 1170 Standard.

Ventilation is important to make sure that plants are growing efficiently and healthily. Edenlite’s glasshouses are built with correct ventilation in colder areas and extra roof vents for warmer areas. Customers can also purchase extra doors or wall louvres; they can either go for dual-walled opaque panes in the ceiling only or dual-walled opaque panes. These panes diffuse the rays of the sun on summer days and serve as extra insulation on cold days. Also, customers can purchase Eden crop clips to support hanging baskets or chains.

The glasshouses in the sizes:

• Eden 6 Series (small), 1920mm in width
• Eden 8 Series (medium), 2250mm in width
• Eden 10 Series (large), 3100mm in width
• Eden Grand Series, 4m x 4m footprint

EDEN Greenhouses

Edenlite also imports greenhouses from RION Israel, one of the leading polycarbonate manufacturers worldwide. Customers can enjoy replacement or repairs as the greenhouses come with ten years warranty. Additionally, customers can buy an extra auto-opener for their greenhouse.

About Edenlite

Edenlite is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality greenhouses, glasshouses and growing essentials. They have a manufacturing plant in Dunedin, and they supply to Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Edenlite also offers installation services throughout New Zealand. If you need more information about Edenlite or have enquiries about their range of products, visit their website at https://edenlite.com.au.