High school students can receive quality high-school education in a personalized learning environment through e-Institute. The Arizona-based charter high school offers a holistic curriculum and flexible class schedules.

[GELNDALE, 11/06/2018] – e-Institute makes customized learning programs accessible to high school students in Arizona. It ensures students make the most of their learning experience and reach their educational goals, regardless of whether they have full-time jobs or a disability.

A Self-Paced Alternative Opportunity for High School Education

High school students at e-Institute have the freedom to personalize their class schedules according to their learning speed and their lifestyle.

e-Institute offers both online classes and traditional classroom-based instruction. Moreover, it allows students to customize their weekly course sessions over the five-day school week. Students can choose from morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, as well as attend between two to four hours of classes each day.

The customized learning environment helps students with disabilities progress at their own pace and master lessons without the pressure to keep up with others or finish at a set time. The flexible schedule also accommodates those who work full-time and who wish to graduate early.

A Holistic Curriculum for All Students

e-Institute’s well-rounded curriculum features core courses and electives like traditional schools. Math, science, social studies, language arts, and fine arts are taken as mandatory subjects. It’s offered elective courses include civics and cooperative education or work experience.

The charter high school provides prep courses for Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS), the state’s standardized tests. It also offers educational assessments, remedial courses, and guided practices.

Moreover, e-Institute’s team of experienced teachers is committed to helping students develop social-emotional skills, not just academic knowledge, to prepare them for the workforce.

About e-Institute

e-Institute is one of the premier charter high schools in Arizona with several locations across the state. The charter school prioritizes providing quality high school education through its balanced curriculum which features core courses like science and language arts, as well as elective classes, such as civics and work experience. e-Institute also offers flexible class schedules, remedial course studies, and special education.

To learn more or to schedule a school tour, visit https://www.e-institute.us today.