New Delhi, India: With embarking journeywith interpretation equipment rentals, Translation India launched its new batch of advanced Audience Response System Rental for the Indian public on 1st November 2018, Thursday. With numerous shows and events going on-air every year with involvement of the general public in providing fair decisions and judging out the best talents, the advanced Audience Response Rentals will help various businesses that includes Events, talent shows, Conferences, Seminars etc.
“These new audience response rentals will mark a new revolution in its category for the organization” Ram Kesarwani, CEO of Translation India exclaimed.
Voting pads are used in various organizations to keep the particular event engaging.These new batch of advanced audience response systems matches the higher standards to accommodate a large group of people with quick analysis reporting at a very less time. From the technological point of view, these voting pads takes around 10-30 minutes as its setup time for its Q&A session depending on the number of people present. Some of its key highlights are as follows:
• Translation India voting Pads are arrangements with Plug and play capacity.
• FLEXIBLE rental arrangements accessible over every one of the urban communities In India including: MUMBAI, DELHI, BANGALORE, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD and some more.
• Pricing to Suit budget plan of Event chiefs and Managers.
• Results will be shown immediately after each test question.
• Translation India has rented out its previous batch effectively with more than 1200 voting cushions in numerous sessions at the same time and consistently.
Some of the features of the new batch of Translation India’s Voting Pads are as follows:
• The system comes with a respondent Handset, Software along with a Receiver and Power Source: AAA battery
• 4GHz Digital RF Technology
• 1-2 years battery life
• Auto setting of questions available
• Multi report facility and data analysis as per need
• LCD screen along with answer transmission indicator.
• Multiple format result display
• Ten activity modes including normal quiz, elimination etc.
• PowerPoint quiz support available
• Integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint
• Support quiz on paper, blackboard, PDF etc.
• Integrated with whiteboard, tablet, camera

Translation India is a trusted name for its innovative interpretation equipment rentals. With inclusion of new batch of voting pads rentals, Translation India’s has added its name in the category of Advanced Audience response system rentals.