SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA- NOVEMBER, 5, 2018- Sydney-based company, Pet Professional Insurance is pleased to announce the rollout of plans for the pet industry that offers premium protection against various business risks. With the full range of affordable coverage available, anyone from a dog walker, breeder, groomer to the veterinarian can find a policy that fits his or her needs and fits with the cash flow.

Pet Professional Insurance found something missing from the pet industry. Not enough diversity with insurance offerings and comparing multiple offerings a time consuming and difficult exercise – leaving pet businesses at a huge disadvantage. By not having coverage, accidents and mishaps could leave the business owner struggling, or worse affecting personal assets to compensate for the damages.

With new online services available from Pet Professional Insurance, pet business owner around Australia can get coverage in a few clicks, and ensure they are protected from unforeseen events or accidents. Insurance plans are provided through BizCover, their trusted partner, and are available to all businesses no matter the size. Their wide range of options for insurance includes:

Business Insurance
Professional Indemnity
Management Liability
Tax Audit
Personal Accident Insurance
Public Liability

Perhaps the most significant benefit for those in the pet industry is that the insurance plans provided through Pet Professional Insurance are tailor-made, and you can get quotes and compare offerings from a range of insurance underwriters, saving you time and money. Of course every pet business owner is different and with Pet Professional Insurance businesses can customise the combination of protection and just as everyone’s budget is different, they offer flexible plans at affordable pricing, that just about anyone in the pet industry should consider picking up.

Accidents can happen at any time, whether the business is a veterinary clinic or a pet sitter. Being protected in the event something happens whether it is in someone’s home, or something happens to the pet in your care is crucial to the livelihood of the company. Pet Protection Insurance makes it a breeze to get the coverage you need, and that it is available when you need to use it.

Applying for insurance through Pet Professional Insurance is simple. You can get a quote and compare prices and benefits by visiting the website at
Once quoted, the price will not change, that is precisely what you would pay, no hidden fees. They even offer the best price guarantee! If a customer finds a policy lower, they will either match it, or offer a full refund.

For more information about Pet Professional Insurance, visit their website at For questions, please email