In this article, I am going to share a solution for sending SMS messages in Java for those developers and businessmen’s who think like me that SMS messaging is not dead. Using a Java application you will be able to send text messages from your own developed Java software, app or website via enabling SMS gateway of any provider. With this way, you will be able to integrate text messaging services into your IT system, CRM software easily.

Introduction to the importance of SMS marketing in the competition-

Before begin, let’s have a look at the current scenario of SMS messaging. It has become one of the most popular ways of mobile marketing and it is still growing! It is an extremely used marketing tool in all business niche in countries like US, UK, Russia, Germany etc.

The significance of mobile marketing has grown tremendously, according to the experts report, unified business-2-business (B2B) communication has never been more important than now. If a client wants to reach out their targeted audience we have developed a unified solution i.e SMS API Java to build a strong and marketable brand image in the market. However, SMS marketing is highly responsive as compared to email marketing and it is a direct source of communication. If you still think SMS messaging is dead, let me share some interesting facts-

Out of 6.8 billion people, 5.1 billion people owns their cell phone on Earth.

There are 2 times more active users of SMS than email. People check their phones more than 50 times a day.

On average, it takes 3 minutes for someone to respond to the text as compared to respond time of email that is 90 minutes.

Around 90% of all text messages are opened, but only 20% percent of emails are looked at.

Summarizing its facts, there is a high usage of SMS among consumers, businesses of small and big sized continue to use it because it is a time-sensitive medium because of its high open-rate.

Introduction of Java SMS API-

With the popularity of SMS solutions, I have decided to talk deeply about programmable bulk SMS solutions. I prefer using HTTP requests and responses if it is possible because HTTP is secured and the easiest way of sending data from one application to another. Since Java has native method calls to send HTTP requests and it provides a perfect way to send text messaging campaigns on different mobile numbers.

Choose a reliable Java API for your own existing system! It allows you to do many functionalities under the single platform. If you wish to send texts by including the name of your recipient you can easily do it too with a personalized SMS API in the developer tool.

The given image describes how Java application works. There are three main elements of this solution:

Your java SMS system
SMS gateway
Mobile phone user