The market is full of a vast array of CCTV security camera system and recorders which makes difficult for customers to decide on which system will be best suited for your home or business environment.
Let us discuss some basics of the Best Security Camera System for surveillance before investing in one of the security camera systems.
1. Cheap becomes expensive: Yes, this is true, as if you buy an unbranded cheap camera it will result in a huge regret. Instead, buy the best value for money professional security cameras system that comes in your personal or business budget depending on the end use of the security camera system. It is always advisable to invest in good quality, entry-level system, small, which allows you to upgrade and add more cameras later on if the need arises.
2. Always check the warranty: Small retailers might only offer statutory six months product guarantee at best that to of unbranded cameras, whereas a reputable security company selling Best Security Camera with a warranty period of about 3 years and offer self-install option or might offer a professional installation service.
3. Understanding basic camera capabilities: While selected CCTV or security cameras it is important to consider the lens size, wide angle degree, and memory for storing data. It is said that for every millimeter of lens size, this is how far away in meters the camera will be able to view its subject i.e. focal length. The wider angle degree of the lens will determine the field of vision and shortens the focal length as the angle gets wider. There is a range of sizes for data storage starting from 1TB. The storage capacity can be increased by using additional hard drives or network attached storage devices to an unlimited capacity.
4. Clarify the type of camera: There are three different types of CCTV surveillance security cameras available in the market which ranges from the most affordable entry-level analog cameras to the high definition or HD and the Internet Protocol or IP cameras which are on the topmost in the list of the market of security cameras. However, with the advancement of technology, the prices of the camera have dropped significantly which is very fortunate for those you want to install one.
5. Comparison between analog and HD or IP cameras: deciding on the type of camera to be installed depends on the quality of the image you want and also on the present as well as long-term security needs. A basic analog camera offers a low-resolution image which is suitable for detection of people and to monitor areas. An HD camera will provide you with crisp and high-resolution images that are suitable for identifying numbers and characters or for recording for legal purpose in the form of evidence. The higher resolution of HD camera offers more enhanced picture and you can also zoom in digitally by retaining the quality of the image to identify the subjects and other details such as vehicle license number plate.
Therefore, before selecting the CCTV security camera for your home or business, you should ideally seek professional advice who will assess your property and help you decide best-suited security camera system.