The analog surveillance cameras are a centralized system which requires central controlling and data recording device, known as DVR or Digital Video Recorder. The main function of DVR is to record the analog video feeds from the cameras to the hard drive and is thus digital and not because the cameras used are digital.
Whereas with IP Security Camera System, a new revolution has begun in the world of CCTV. The HD IP CCTV system is capable of operating independently. They are operational in centralized as well as decentralized modes or both.
● In the centralized mode, the IP cameras of the HD IP security system are connected to and controlled by the NVR i.e. Network Video Recorder. The cameras can operate on networking protocols and can communicate with other networking devices. The IP cameras are connected to the NVR directly or indirectly through Ethernet network cables or wirelessly through Wi-Fi.
● In the decentralized mode, there is no need to connect to the NVR which controls them. Each IP camera acts as an independent networking device with their own IP address and can be accessed by any other device on your Local Area Network (LAN).
● There is HD IP camera system online that can operate simultaneously on both the modes. They can operate with an NVR system, in addition, to be accessible to any other networking device on your LAN.
Hence, it is beneficial to choose IP camera security system or HD IP Video Door system instead of a traditional DVR system. The reason being as follows:
● You are able to receive alerts through email and push notification directly on your mobile devices.
● IP cameras are built with very advanced motion analysis algorithms which help to cut down on false alerts such as line detection, intrusion detection, etc.
● The digital video captured has intelligent markers for alerts which make it easier for review footage.
● It is part of your home automation network as it works with home automation sub-systems such as lighting and doorbells.
● It is more flexible in installation locations as they can operate through Wi-Fi or Power line.
The different types of IP cameras include:
1. Bullet cameras: The cameras are of cylindrical shape and hence bullet camera. These are the cheapest type of IP cameras you can find in the market.
2. Dome cameras: These are mostly preferred in commercial settings. The installation of dome cameras is trickier. These are highly vandal resistant and weatherproof.
3. Turret cameras: also known as mini-dome. More discreet than the dome cameras.
4. Indoor cube cameras: These are designed for installation in the corner of the ceiling or can be placed in the flat surface.
Therefore, when you decide on to buy the IP camera security system, just go through the above guide to get more information.