Shipman & Associates, Inc. is happy to celebrate its 62 years of providing the best products and solutions and to giving their clients the greatest possible value.

Shipman & Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of personal and commercial coverage packages, each of which offers thorough protection for the right price. When it comes to personal lines, Shipman & Associates, Inc. offers home, auto, health, and life insurance, as well as a host of other coverages. For commercial coverages, they offer business owner’s policies and general coverages that provide broad protection.

Shipman & Associates, Inc. is a family-run agency that believes in treating their clients like family. They’re available whenever they’re needed and they’re proactive in helping their clients make the best decisions. Shipman & Associates, Inc. support and advocate for their clients at all times. They work with each client to ensure that his or her plan is optimal and properly tailored.

About the Owner

Shipman & Associates, Inc. is owned by Elissa Shipman, who has a Bachelors of Finance from Washburn University.

Elissa Shipman became a staff member in 1982. She began her career filing and now will lead the agency into the future. Elissa was property and casualty licensed in 1985 and Life and Health licensed in 1990. She is the office manager and lead the agency in sales and contests, respects and believes in the values and the previous generation’s accomplishments, and now it is her dream to become the 3rd generation agent with American Family. Elissa will continue the 35 years of relationships she has with the clients and the 61 years of Shipman and client relationships. She will work on her own organic growth to take the agency into the future.

Shipman & Associates, Inc. is generations taking care of parents, grandparents and children in the same families. Those families tell other friends and families they are here for them. They care about their dreams and have strong community ties and continue the Shipman legacy building relationships. Each generation adding on to the previous generation. Earl Shipman and Larry J Shipman are the first and second generations respectively.

Elissa Shipman’s mission is to be a trusted advisor, educator, and exceed customer needs to protect and support their dreams.

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