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About Carrie

Carrie has grown a lot over the past two years. She has more confidence and believes that she is beautiful. Carrie cares more about how she presents herself and feels that she has discovered her own personal style. She knows that she can create a system or a plan and follow through, having lost over forty pounds and still losing.

Carrie was inspired to be more diligent with a weight loss program after seeing several pictures of
her at a presentation. Along the way, she found a clothing brand that helped her to feel
attractive; no matter what she weighed, but feeling good in her clothing motivated her to really get
serious about losing even more weight. So, she decided to invest in that clothing company and start
her own business. Carrie and her husband raised four children, biological and adopted. They also
provided foster care for 17 years.

Grace from others is the only way Carrie could have gotten through the past twenty years. Today, she continues to train others to be foster/adoptive parents and design customized curricula on a variety of subjects related to adoption, foster care, and self-care for both online and face-to-face workshops and trainings. Carrie has only recently learned to give herself grace. She hopes the lessons that she learned through her journey, and the beauty of Agnes & Dora clothing, can help other women to also give themselves grace as they continue to grow and blossom in any way they wish.

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