The water fed pole window cleaning system is today being used by more and more window cleaners for a number of reasons. Isis Property Services uses the system for cleaning windows up to 70 feet from the ground. Telescopic water fed pole window cleaning means that the window cleaner does not need to use ladders and can carry out his work from the safety of the ground without risk of injury or damage to property.

Ordinary tap water is full of impurities and minerals, and when water is left to dry on a surface it is these which cause spotting and streaking. Isis uses pure de-ionised water in its WFP window cleaning which means that when the window dries this does not happen. All you get is a clean shiny window. The water is passed through a series of filters and resins which remove the impurities using de-ionisation and reverse osmosis.

The windows still have to be cleaned and scrubbed, and the window cleaner does this by using the telescopic pole with cleaning brushes. The water is pumped up the pole and the window cleaner can scrub and remove the dirt and then rinse the window. The window is then left to dry naturally.

There are several benefits of the water fed pole system. Apart from the safety aspect with the elimination of the need for ladders, the pure water is totally harmless to the property, any plants, and the environment as well. There is no need for harsh chemicals and detergents that are used in traditional methods of window cleaning.

The window cleaner is also able to access things that he could not do from ladders, such as roof lights, solar panels, soffits, fascias, cladding, conservatory roofs, and more. Water fed poles can also be used to clean signage such as the name over your store front or office block. The skilled water fed pole users at Isis Property Services also clean the window frames as well as the glass wherever possible.

Cleaning windows with a water fed pole may look simple, but it is actually more skilled than one might think. Perhaps rather obviously, the windows need to be cleaned starting with the highest ones so that dirt doesn’t run down on windows that have just been cleaned. Our window cleaners start by cleaning the top part of the frame so that dirt doesn’t run down from it later on, especially the next time it rains.

Quite often there is bird mess on a window, and this needs to be soaked and left for a few minutes while we clean other windows and then come back to it and scrub it. Pure water is actually very good at removing it, but occasionally it may take more than one pass. All windows have to be scrubbed methodically and depending on how dirty they are they may need to have the glass gone over more than once.

Another very important point is to rinse the window thoroughly after scrubbing. The pure water that is on the window is now dirty and it is necessary to remove the brush from the glass and rinse it off with the water jets, again rinsing from top to bottom of the window. If the window sills are to be cleaned as well, it is necessary to let the rinsing water run off on to them and then clean them using a sill brush.

The window cleaner will try to avoid window vents, especially the ones above a window. These are usually full of dirt and it is easy to get water into them which can result in streaks of dirt on the glass even after the window cleaner has finished the job.

If the windows have been cleaned using traditional methods, cleaning with a water fed pole the first time can sometimes not leave a perfect finish. This is because the detergents that have been used can build up in the window seals and the water fed pole system can release them causing streaks. An extra rinse will usually solve the problem, but new customers should be aware that it may take another clean before the windows look perfect.