SMPP is what? SMPP is a short messaging peer-to-peer protocol that is highly using by telecommunication industry and aggregators for exchanging text messages between SMSC (short message service centers) and ESME (external short messaging entities). Many providers started offering high throughput SMPP SMS Gateway to needed people. SMPP has been considered as an industry standard protocol for text SMS to mobile network providers and is a native protocol. Some leading provider supports the industry standard SMPP v 3.4 protocol.

So, in this article, we suggest all aggregators & telecom industry partners who’re looking for timely delivery of messages must start today with a reputable SMPP gateway that you must rely on.

Some of the best features of using SMPP gateway of this service provider include-

Quick Delivery
SMPP is a direct connection between mobile carrier operator who provides instant delivery of messages sent to the server.

High Throughput
Start sending thousands or billions of messages per minute with high TPS SMPP SMS gateway interface.

100% guaranteed of uptime SLA.

Delivery reports & inbound SMS
Live delivery reports and status of messages sent through SMPP gateway and also inbound messages are supported.

SMPP protocols is an open, lightweight, efficient and high-performance application for sending a lot of messages at once. Some leading providers of SMPP server also offer shortcodes, premium messaging and other latest features. Connecting an SMPP enables users to send a large number of messages around 50 messages per second depending upon the throughput and sessions.

Moreover, you can also get SMPP API which is perfect for those businesses who’re having monthly SMS push requirement. SMPP server provider supports connection via 3.4 standards who provides comprehensive reports through a web-based panel and with SMPP API you will be continuously connected to the bulk SMS gateway.

To get started with SMPP API you need to first choose the reliable provider. Later send your user ID with details on SMPP service provider team email address. Then they will create and send SMPP user credentials to you. You need to bind that SMPP connectivity at his server with the details provided by the team. Once the connection is established properly, clients can push their messages instantly and even fetch the real-time delivery reports.

Moreover, SMPP connectivity pre-necessity from customers requires-

Customers should have an SMPP client for adding multiple providers installed at his server. SMPP connection would be provided to those customers who have monthly consumption of more than 10 lakh SMS. As SMPP is basically developed for a high volume of SMS usage. All customers who have less consumption than this can make the utilization of extremely popular HTTP SMS API in different programming languages.

I hope you have understood what’s the use of SMPP Services into your company. Being a marketer you always wish to send messages with a timely delivery to create awareness about your products in the market. So, for those marketers, SMPP connections are the right choice.