It is a common thing said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. The popular belief is correct to much extent, because it is a special bond which is shared between the two souls, who tie the knot after promising to be companions for a lifetime. Marriage is the physical and mental unison of two souls. It brings stability in human relationships, which is otherwise incomplete.

A marriage certificate is a document that is used to provide the information, that a marriage took place, typically used for a variety of legal as well as records-keeping purposes. Every married couple is issued with a unique certified marriage certificate within one month of legally marrying with a marriage permit at registered office. Not every person holds a copy of their marriage certificate or keeps enough copies of it. A marriage certificate contains who married who, when they were married, where they were married, who married them, and who was there.

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A Marriage Certificate is the verification of registration of a marriage. The requirement for a Marriage Certificate emerges in the event that you have to demonstrate that you are legitimately married to somebody, for purposes like getting a visa, changing your family name and so on.
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