Indore, India (11/02/2018). Our success journey comes from the client’s satisfaction. Being a well-known and popular bulk SMS gateway provider in India from few years we’re excited to share news about our latest launch i.e Short messaging peer-to-peer (SMPP) services.

The SMPP is often used by enterprises and big business organizations that need to be in continuous contact with their customers, no matter where they’re residing in the world. When developers search for an SMS gateway, one of the main reason they turn to us is B2B SMS APIs. These include HTTP API, SMPP API, XML API, SMTP API which is fast, powerful and built in a way that should be integrated with any software or mobile app.

With the recent launch of SMPP Gateway, it allows wireless operators to cost-effectively build, grow and manage secure and robust SMPP messaging functionalities. We also provide an application to developers with a simple XML API for handling large consumptions.

In switch’s SMPP server is a state-of-the-art that allows software implementation which supports thousands of text messages per second. A number of SMPP servers can be configured into a gateway to provide unparalleled scaling. Being a top grade SMPP server provider in India we provide a reference for all great features available to your via the SMPP server and SMPP client for sending SMSes. Short messaging peer-to-peer is considered as the industry standard protocol for sending SMS to mobile network providers and we considered it as our native protocol.

Although, SMPP gateway allows multiple SMPP clients to be connected with a single aggregated point. This highly expandable gateway can be positioned between the operator’s center (SMSC) and the client application (ESMEs). The SMPP gateway establishes communication with Esme’s via TCP-IP using standard XML API.

Our SMPP protocol is mainly useful for telecommunication industry and aggregators who wish to exchange high volume of texts between SMSC or ESME. The level 7-protocol allows faster delivery of messages. The most common versions of SMPP are v3.3 and v3.6 which has a single connection to send & receive messages.

Moreover, business to business has now become a very popular channel to communicate with any customer or family member and even to receive genuine information. The SMPP is standard application mainly designed by our experienced developers for simple integration of data apps with wireless mobile networks. Our this service for sending a huge volume of messages in seconds deployed by various network operators but as much as popular among application developer. What’s more, a mobile carrier operator needs to have a complete control of the apps accessing their SMPP. For this reason, an SMPP server platform is required.

Well, our SMPP server is packed with all latest features and we assured that it would bring benefits to your business or enterprise. Have a look in this press release:

1.Manage SMPP users
2.Check bind status (total sessions connected)
3.Manage TCP dump
4.Total SMPP SMS consumption reports
5.Track SMS campaigns

So, if you have any more queries you can directly visit our website: Our team is here to help you with any problem, we have free technical support from experienced customer support executives. So, feel free to resolve your queries and concerns.