At Black Friday, New York Furniture Outlets offer a unique sale. * At 23rd November, we offer special discounts on the whole range of furniture products offered in our store.

As part of the biggest sale of this year at New York Furniture Outlets Inc, prices for a number of products will be reduced by 90%.

The quantity of promotional items is limited, so in view of the upcoming rush, the organizers have put an indispensable condition for all participants of the action: only one product in one hand. In addition, employees of the company and their relatives are prohibited from taking part in the action, so that as many goods as possible go to the company’s customers.

The action is held online on 23rd Novemeber. Sofas, chairs, beds, kitchens and tables can be purchased at special prices. This is one of the best prices in United States and the perfect reason to upgrade your interior.

By selling quality goods with a markdown below the real cost, the company pursues its own benefit.

“We are convinced that such sales contribute to the renewal and improvement of our business as a whole. First, we get the opportunity to clear the entire warehouse network from the goods that were removed from the main range, and make room for storage, which significantly reduces costs, taking into account the huge storage space that we use. Secondly, for us it is a great way to once again demonstrate to our customers our love and generosity and give us the opportunity to buy stylish and high-quality furniture with a discount of up to 90%! ” – Alex S, CEO of NY Furniture Outelts.

Do not miss your chance! Your new furniture is already waiting for you in at NYFURNITUREOUTLETS! The quantity of goods is limited.