2th November, 2018– Global Bag-in-Box Container Market is expected to witness a steady growth on account of its increasing usage for beverage packaging. Items known to use this kind of packaging include wine, dairy products, soups, ketchup, and cosmetic creams & lotion. Bag-in-Box containers are fabricated boxes with a strong plastic bag inside majorly used for packaging beverages. The boxes are made up of cardboard or corrugated fibreboard. The inside bladder is made up of metalized film. The key industries which use Bag-in-Box packaging include dairy, juice, wine, and soft drinks.

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Bag-in-Box containers offer a convenient and inexpensive form of packaging. Cost saving implementation is expected to drive the bag-in-box container market over the forecast period. This form of packaging is expected to reduce the final product price. Tin and glass packaging increase the product price on account of price bundling. Moreover, bag-in-box containers are recyclable and biodegradable. This makes them popular in comparison to their alternatives such as plastics and polymers. Bag-in-Box containers occupy less space as they can be easily stacked. This form of packaging avoids product contamination by restricting the beverage reaction with the container. Wine packaging using bag-in-box container prevents oxidation of wine. These containers are light in weight and eases the process of unloading and loading. Low weight also results in the reduction of transport cost.


These bag-in-box containers form an attractive packing unit and therefore used by smart marketers. Companies embed their company name and logo on the boxes as these containers have good graphic holding capability. Use of alternatives is a major threat and is expected to offer challenges for the development of overall industrial growth. Plastic, metal and glass provide stiff competition for beverage storage. Tin usage has seen a considerable increase in the U.S which is expected to hamper the growth of bag-in-box containers market. Further, this form of packaging observe challenges owing to the early wear and tear as compared to rugged alternative containers. Container leakage possibilities are expected to refrain some buyers from implementing bag-in-box container packaging.


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