Bessemer, AL, (November 01, 2018) – To impress the snack food aficionados with something innovative, healthy and tasty, the leading cone chips manufacturing brand, The Original ConeChips has come up with the most innovative and brand-new snack food items for the festive season. Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year is almost here, The Original ConeChips is ensuring the food lovers to satiate their sweet cravings with a delicious chocolate cone chip range, crushed peanuts cone chips, thin crispy waffle chips and some of the contemporary versions of timeless cone chips.

Apart from the variety of snack items, this brand has also curated the latest versions of classic cone chips in the form of white Chocolate, milk Chocolate cone chips and the much special flavored gourmet ice cream cones. With the aim of creating the sweet emotion of pleasure and enjoyment in the food loving customers, The Original ConeChips, let them snack on the lip-smacking cone chips in new flavours every day. By leading the way in the development of new versions of America’s favorite snacks, Cone Chips, this brand has become the most loved one for thousands of consumers.

Most importantly, The Original ConeChips produces these vintage American snacks in a way, that they can be enjoyed by dipping into soft ice cream, frozen custards, chocolate shakes, yoghurts, frozen coffees, various jams and jellies, and even peanut butter and syrups. In addition to combining sweets, the customers can also find some fun mix-and-match combinations with a few other beverages, to experience different options. While the white chocolate cone chips go great with one’s morning coffee, on the other hand, the dark chocolate cone chips go wonderfully with wine! This is how much effort that is put in creating these amazing snack items to complement different other drinks and food items.

The most trending and yummy cone chip category for this brand is the chocolate one. Presently, under this section, three flavours are produced: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and a creamy white chocolate. These thin crispy waffle chips are double-dipped before being coated with delicious crushed peanuts for the most delightful and fun combinations.

Paying close attention to the customer’s satisfaction and customer service, The Original ConeChips, as a food brand assures the team of longevity and the faith to make their own place in American snack food history. Luckily, this brand has even found its way to Europe, catering to the foodies and reaching out to them with the widest assortment of new products. The products are available on their website for people who love online delivery sitting back at home, and also can be purchased from few selected stores, at reasonable rates. Thus, he needs and preferences of different types of customers are taken care of, by the efficient team of The Original ConeChips.

About the Original ConeChips:
The Original ConeChips is a leading manufacturing brand of American classic snack food items, cone chips and they keep inventing brand new snack food items for the foodies that are available online and also can be bought from few of the stores.

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