The Hosemaster, one of the UK’s leading providers of hoses for cars, has recently shared some of the favourite winter car care tips with all, encouraging all drivers to ensure that they are prepared for the cold and treacherous months ahead.

Some of the tips provided by the company included the following:

• Create a winter emergency containing all of the things that could possible needed in any kind of vehicle emergency
• Check all car hoses before winter arrives, replacing any they are damaged
• Check engine coolant and antifreeze levels
• Check tires
• Use winter windshield wiper fluid
• Inspect windscreen wipers
• Switch to synthetic oil and use a durable oil filter
• Invest in a good quality ice scraper
• Check the battery
• Test the heating system
• Consider roadside assistance membership

A spokesperson and representative from The Hosemaster was incredibly eager to comment saying, “Here at The Hosemaster we love to help, and therefore if anyone has any questions about the above tips or need help in choosing the most suitable hoses based on their individual needs and requirements, our team are only a phone call away.”

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