Mauritius is a land that covers about 1,250 islands across the Maldives, the Seychelles and Mauritius. The Mauritius Republic has 15 islands while Seychelles has coarsely had 115 islands. Amazingly the Maldives encompasses around 1,100 islands. They are all situated in the Indian Ocean where we have the most beautiful turquoise water in the world. It offers Mauritius some of the best elegant white sandy beaches, crystal-clear blue seas and implausible diving experiences. The nations also have watersports, which is a big plus for filmmakers and film production houses in Mauritius. In fact, the big shopping malls and cinemas too are some of the greatest advantages encashed by the filmmakers. The beautiful landscapes comprise unique mountains and sparkling streets that are tranquil filming destination, exclusively now that Mauritius has proclaimed a new 30% location filming incentive, which is a big benefit for film Production Company in Dubai and Mauritius.

Moreover, Mauritius is the most advanced film island in the region, it has many film studios and Middle East Media and Me Media Production to have studios for all the post-production requirement and pre-production as well. Other than this there is media rental and local crew as well that is easily available with our line production in Dubai and Mauritius. When filming in Seychelles, all the crew and equipment come from Mauritius, and we do supply the same with our efficient logistics. In the case of the Maldives, often the production companies they look to Dubai for crew and equipment, and if this is the case then the benefit to hiring us as the film production company in Dubai as we operate in Dubai as well.

Thus, with Middle East Media Production and Me Media Production, the filmmakers and the directors can tap both the stunning locations, Dubai and Mauritius. Due to the high number of photo shoots, at times it becomes tough for the filmmakers to get the shoots and the crew on time, thus our professional crew and staff will help you in managing all your shoots and budgets with precision. Mauritius is one of the most advanced film islands in the region, with small film studios, media rental and local crew; it has everything to offer to the filmmakers. Remember to get your shoots done in these islands including Seychelles permits for location is needed and our line production company is well networked with the city departments including the film commission to provide you with the required permissions for the shoots.

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