New York, USA — 1 November 2018 — David Hurtado is a reverent of sorts, he preaches the important things in life and how to understand some principles that will help you and will also help your friends and colleagues in the long run. It’s more of a thing of psychology than anything else and these principles can guide anyone through life and make him become successful. How much to tithe is the question that many of us are asking themselves and many of us decide not to do so because they are not familiar with these basic principles.

Giving away a sum of the earnings is a normal procedure for the people that are true Christians and also many other beliefs have the donation deeply ingrained into their selves. Another important question on this matter is should christians tithe and what is the exact percentage of their earnings that they should give away to the poor and to encourage education and what not. It’s not easy to answer such a question because Matthew is not familiar with the earnings of every person but generally a small chunk of the earnings should be given away.

Some people go on with the questions and probably the most specific is are christians required to tithe. The answer is an astounding yes and there is no way as to formulate it in any other way — surely every one of us have to go and give some money. This is definitely the truth about tithes and how it works in the long run. More and more people have been avid fans of these theory and they won more back than they have ever invested by giving away to the poorer people.

The how to tithe theory is vast and it cannot be explained in a short article: what one has to do is to go to the web page and explore the video that has had Matthew Hurtado going for a long time. How much to tithe and much more can be found out just from this video: this is the person that went from zero to hero — he has been bedridden and depressed for a long time but has found the willpower as to believe in God and get out of the bed and do great things. Everyone of us can learn from this person and become a major player in the local community by giving away goods and cash.

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