Santa Clara, CA (November 01, 2018) – Managing files with a long path, moving and copying them, deleting or renaming them may not be always easy. Error messages pop up stating the inability of the system to handle such issues. This problem occurs when the file or folder name exceeds 255 characters. Path too long fix offered Long Path Tool is the solution.

With Long path tool, people can now save longer file names to make it easier for them to identify them later instead of being a list of short cryptic file and folder names which make no sense at all. This software for path too long fix not only helps save long file names but also allows a quick search of these files and folders with longer names. Moreover, it is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system.

The path too long fix tool will help people to copy and delete files with long names. It further assists in shutting down the files safely. It provides a list of all paths and files where the file path is more than 200 characters.

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