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Döner & Gyros on Winning the “Best Doner Kebab Restaurant Chain” Global Award

Dubai, UAE October 25 – Döner & Gyros is now considered a strong and recognized brand not only in Dubai but all over the world. The once simple dream of the creators of Döner & Gyros has become a global endeavor that up to the present is renowned in the fast-food chain market.

Döner & Gyros has always been hard working when it comes to giving their customers the kind of service that they deserve. They do our best in making sure that we attend to the needs and requirements of their customers, and their faithful clients can attest to this.

In the market, Döner & Gyros is also considered as one of the leading fast food chain restaurants. Being the giver of the best döner kebab, they always do our best to make sure that their customers experience the luxury of having the real and authentic taste of döner & gyros.

And recently, the Franchise Awards 2018 was held in New Delhi, India. The additionally crowned awards in various fields, and one of which were for the best fast food chain restaurants who demonstrated nothing but successful endeavors in the field.

To no surprise, Döner & Gyros was hailed as the Best Döner Kebab Restaurant in the global market. This award does not only include UAE, MENA, or GCC – but it’s worldwide!

Döner & Gyros takes pride in receiving this award because it does not only flaunt the unsurpassed competitiveness that they have but also because it proves how they value their customers and franchisees as well.

They are more than grateful to have been acknowledged in the aforementioned awarding and they promise to strive more and work harder, for the sake of their customers and franchisees.

The award made them be the provider of the best kebab in Dubai and in the whole world – it might seem like a responsibility but truth be told, they are glad that they can continue to serve you with the sumptuous meals they offer at Döner & Gyros.

This award cements the fact that Döner & Gyros is a well-trusted brand and that they will continue being your most preferred provider of authentic döner & gyros here in Dubai, UAE, MENA, and all over the world!

Döner & Gyros is truly grateful and you expect to see more of their world-class meals and services from this year on.

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