Recently I went to the USA to retrain as a Polygraph examiner at the Marston Polygraph Academy in San Bernardino, California. I loved the experience of learning something new and dealing with the highly professional people I met there. Unfortunately that enthusiasm has been slightly dampened. As my business back in the UK becomes more successful, I find I’m being attacked by some of my fellow examiners. Some have made threats (anonymously of course) and some have posted untrue articles about my qualifications on this site (again anonymously). I have been advised to take legal action against Web News Wire and any other online organisation who allows this slanderous content to be published.

QUOTE from Web News Wire:
“Please enter the email address if the client. Please note that we will not contact the client for the story but we will need the client email on record. It will help us VERIFY in case we have any doub about the story” UNQUOTE

Web News Wire clearly don’t abide by their own policy. They really should have verified slanderous content that’s been published on their site! I welcome Web News Wire to contact me to obtain the truth.