QA Mentor, one of the best software testing companies, announced to offer complete software testing and quality assurance service to eCommerce industry. The company will offer software testing services to test all different types of software such as, eCommerce website, shopping portal, backend system for administration and mobile application. The company will perform all different types of functional and nonfunctional tests to assure high quality of the eCommerce solution.

On this occasion, CEO and Founder of the company Mr. Ruslan Desyatnikov shared his comments with the media. According to him, “eCommerce business faces fierce competition, which makes software testing and quality assurance even more crucial in this industry vertical. If an eCommerce shopping portal has certain bugs and fail to deliver a good user experience, then the customer will not take a moment to leave the site and go to the competitor. This will not stop here. The eCommerce business will also need to face situations of negative publicity. All these will result in revenue loss. Furthermore, if backend of the eCommerce business is not bug free, then it can be even more dangerous for a business. Also, when a large number of users are making online transactions the platform has to be highly secure. To keep performance accurate and fast; to deliver the best customer experience and to keep the platform and customers secure, professional software testing and quality assurance is must.”

This top QA company has a team of software testing experts that have been working on diverse eCommerce projects to assure its quality and bug free performance. This team will benefit the eCommerce industry with the best in the industry software testing and quality assurance services. The company defines custom test cases and testing methods based on the project, testing requirements and budget of the customers. The company recommends using complete eCommerce software testing service that consists below mentioned list of tests:

• Functional testing
• Security testing
• Localization and globalization testing
• Stress testing
• Performance testing
• Load testing
• Compatibility testing
• Integration testing
• Mobile testing
• Volume testing
• End to end testing

The eCommerce industry can also benefit from some more expert tests such as:

• Acceptance testing
• Comparison testing
• Database testing
• Usability testing

As per the shared details, the testing experts of the company will guide customers about must have tests on their eCommerce software to assure their clients can get the best software testing service and ROI within their budget.

Below is the list of some examples of eCommerce solutions tested by the team of this top software testing company:

• B2C shopping portals
• Video streaming sales application
• Online music store
• Trade and craft sales solutions
• Online auction sites
• And more
The company has required experience, expertise and tools to provide the best QA testing services to any small to big eCommerce platform. For more details, please visit