Monroe Funding Corporation is a hard money lender located in Fort Lauderdale. It accepts loan applications from investors in different areas of Florida, including Miami. The company guarantees fast transactions and flexible financing options.

[FORT LAUDERDALE, 10/31/2018] – Monroe Funding Corporation is a Florida-based hard money lending company. Although headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, the company extends its services to clients in other Florida cities, such as Miami.

Individuals in need of cash to fund their real estate investments can come to the company for financial assistance. Additionally, those who need cash for a refinancing opportunity can secure a personalized loan product with Monroe Funding Corporation.

Hard Money Loans for Property Investment

Hard money loans are commonly used when an individual is purchasing a property. Private lending institutions, like Monroe Funding Corporation, fund these types of loans. Typically, the loan term is one year but is extendable to two to five years.

The lender determines the amount of money a borrower can get based principally on the value of the property. The company allows hard money loans to be secured to acquire or refinance single-family homes, apartment buildings and most types of commercial properties.

With cash on hand, an individual can purchase a property faster and then seek funding assistance from bigger institutions like banks later on.

Monroe Funding Corporation’s Hard Money Loans

The lending company assures clients of fast transactions. Monroe Funding Corporation gives quick pre-approvals, in contrast to traditional loan institutions. Investors in Florida with complete requirements can secure a pre-approval within two days.

Additionally, the corporation is not particular with borrowers’ credit histories. Even borrowers with weak credit scores can take out a hard money loan. Instead of focusing on the credit scores, the company assesses the borrower equity and property value.

The lending institution also assists clients from the bidding process until property acquisition. It provides written approvals and proof of funds as well as flat-rate multiple listing services.

The rates at Monroe Funding Corporation start at 11.99 percent for a two-year loan term. If the borrower has a good payment history, the term can be extended. In addition, the company accepts loan applications from foreign nationals.

Customized Financial Solutions

Monroe Funding Corporation offers a wide array of loan products. These loan programs are designed to address the specific long-term or short-term needs of its clients.

Clients can benefit from flexible and customized payment terms. The agent and the borrower draft a repayment plan that is agreeable for both parties. The company does not subject borrowers to prepayment penalties as well.

Monroe Funding Corporation provides loan services to investors of different types of properties in Florida. It services the following areas: Manatee County, Sarasota County, Hillsborough County-Tampa, Charlotte County, Lee County-Ft. Meyers, Collier County-Naples, Miami Dade County, Palm Beach, Monroe County, Saint Lucie County, and Orange County-Orlando.

About Monroe Funding Corporation

Monroe Funding Corporation is a direct equity lender serving clients around Central and South Florida. The company offers loans to fund property acquisition and refinancing with its multiple flexible payment terms. Monroe Funding Corporation can close a deal with a borrower in seven days.

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