Alphaweld Supply Group is an online shop that supplies and distributes Klingspor abrasive products to industries across Australia. Stock up on high-quality cutting discs available for purchase at the best deals at Alphaweld.

[CANNING VALE, 31/10/2018] – Klingspor abrasive products are now available at Alphaweld. Stock up on high-quality cutting discs in various sizes and centre styles at a special discounted price for a limited time.

The Alphaweld Supply Group is an online shop that stocks and distributes welding equipment and pipe working tools to various industries in Australia.

Klingspor Abrasive Products

Klingspor is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality products used for finishing surfaces and cutting materials. The cutting discs from Klingspor are suitable for off-hand grinding, hand-operated machines and stationary machines. They cut all types of material including wood, plastic, metals and mineral-based materials.

Cutting discs from Klingspor are made from stainless steel and proven and tested for exceptional performance and durability. At Alphaweld, clients can choose from standard cutting wheels, in ox cutting wheels and thin cutting wheels that suit different applications and preferences. Browse through the Alphaweld Supply Group online shop for a complete list of products with specs. Still not sure? Contact us to speak to our industry trained team members.

Extensive Range of Products from Alphaweld

Alphaweld is a one-stop online shop that stocks a comprehensive range of welding equipment. The company accepts orders of any size and dispatches orders multiple times daily to ensure a quick and easy purchasing experience for clients.

Alphaweld stocks the following products:

• Abrasives

• Machines

• Drilling Tools

• Pipework Tools

• Power Tools

• Torches and Spares

• Welding Consumables

• Welding Accessories

• Welding Apparel

• Gas Equipment

About Alphaweld

Alphaweld is a leading industry supplier of welding equipment and pipe working tools. For over 10 years, Alphaweld has serviced companies from the energy, chemical, construction, manufacturing and mining industries, to name a few, sourcing world-class quality products and excellent delivery service.

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