We’re Idiya, Importers and wholesalers of furniture supplier from Auckland. We offer our things on the web, and on the off chance that you’ve been spending continually endeavoring to discover what you require, we know correctly what you mean. These days, you can discover extraordinary regard and a variety of outside furniture. Take your pick from the best frameworks of aluminum or wooden open air furniture Auckland (https://idiya.co.nz/), and pay special mind to that extraordinary blend of value and esteem.

Ikea Furniture NZ
Idiya Ltd is an online store for in vogue furniture and outfitting for urban tenants in New Zealand.

We are likewise one of the biggest NZ online stores for honest to goodness IKEA items.

With almost half New Zealanders living in real urban areas, Idiya Ltd’ vision is to bring solace, style, and adaptability to space-cognizant Urban Dwellers at moderate costs.

We convey authentic IKEA furniture that is foreign from IKEA stores abroad. You can pre-arrange any IKEA items with us that are not recorded on our site. We import holders with IKEA items on a month to month premise. For more information on Pre-Order, if you don’t mind see IKEA Pre-Order Service.

We likewise specifically source the coolest and most noteworthy quality items from boutique furniture and outfitting brands locally and abroad, and offer our NZ clients the most ideal cost.Ikea Homeware NZ
5 Things that you should think about us:
1. We think great structured furniture ought to be moderate in New Zealand.
2. We put stock in huge thoughts for little spaces (and enormous spaces, as well).
3. We cherish multi-practical things that crease, stack, haggle.
4. We need agreeable, kick-up-your-feet style to look great as well.
5. We have faith in working on the web and accomplishing the least operational expenses, with the goal that our clients can get the best costs.

About Idiya Ltd:
We are Importers and wholesalers of house hold items in New Zealand. Being one of the biggest IKEA parallel merchants, with the vastest conceivable scope of Ikea items we will probably convey the best quality furniture. We have in excess of a 1000 things in stock and 2 compartments arrived each month. Purchase quality items with the most minimal costs. All IKEA items are transported in straightforwardly from IKEA and are in its unique pressing. We offer NZ wide conveyance and are situated at 34B Greenpark.

To get your preferred coveted furniture please visit us at: https://idiya.co.nz/