London, United Kingdom – 31 October 2018 – ConstructionTax offers the powerful assistance in UTR Number acquisition. This company is dedicated to providing its clients with the useful consultation on how to get a UTR Number fast and stress-free along with other accounting and tax-related issues, which are specific for self-employment in construction.
There’s the number of reasons you may need to have UTR Number, which is short for Unique Taxpayer Reference Number. First of all, this number, made of a series of ten digits, is essential for those, who are self-employed CIS subcontractors, and so, are running their own business and taking responsibility for their business success or failure, hiring people, selling goods or rendering services to gain profit. The rest are those, who are the members of partnership, company directors, receivers of rental income and foreign income. The UTR Number is used to help HMRC identify you, while taking into account the entire spectrum of your activities, associated with your UK tax affairs. It’s also required to fill out your annual self-assessment tax return.
The process of UTR Number acquisition needs some efforts and certainly time to be issued, taking from four to six weeks. To initiate this process, you would need to register online and get the authorization codes. Taking this fact into account, it’s recommended to take care of your UTR Number in advance, in order to give it to the future employer to be paid for your work.
Those, who are confronted with some difficulties related to UTR Number acquisition or simply are confused with the whole process, looking for the fastest and hassle-free method, can apply for services of ConstructionTax, the agents of which will be able to instruct them about how to get UTR Number or where to find a UTR number, in case it was lost.
When it comes to tax refund, there’s no need to hesitate, while UTR Number is the key aspect that will help you to get the expected refund according to the letter of the law. This is why, if you’ve never had UTR Number before or simply have lost it, it’s reasonable to get the right services as soon as possible.
About ConstructionTax:
ConstructionTax is a reliable company, which specializes in the highest tax refund in the construction field. This company involves highly experienced accountants and tax experts, who exactly know how to help their customers to get UTR Number along with the expected tax refund.

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