Short messaging peer-to-peer (SMPP) is an application layer protocol. It follows client-server architect and acts a powerful interface between SMPP client and SMPP server host in more secured manner. This protocol is based on pairs of request and response exchanges using TCP connections.

Do you ever think about what’s the purpose of using SMPP Server in today’s world? Don’t worry below I have written it briefly.

SMPP is widely used in telecommunication domain for exchanging text messages between two host systems. Now, you may be thinking what’s those two hosts are? First one is SMSC (short message service centers) and ESMSC (extended or external short message service centers). An SMPP contains several numbers of PDU to carries SMS that includes normal SMS, WAP push-pull messages, voicemails, USSD SMS etc and it also contains a status of sent SMS delivery reports, inquiry connection status between SMSC & ESMSC host.

The latest version of SMPP PDU has been launched for interacting with billing software about subscriber’s billing requests and responses.

PDU means packet data unit which is generally called as an SMPP packet and it carries information in the encoded form. Basically, it consists of two parts:

1. Header- Header is used to identify what kind of PDU such as SMS submit or DLR or connection status, response or request.

2. Body- Body contains the right information that has to request a server to respond to the client.

Moreover, these SMPP server is widely used in telecom industry & aggregators to transfer different messages, When we talk about messages it can be text, WAP or multi-media contents.

Short messaging peer-to-peer follows client model and server which is provided by SMSC and an SMPP client needs to establish a session with the server before starting communication. Later, the server of Smpp service provider responses to all SMPP client queries. Such queries will be based on the submitted delivery status of campaigns or reports. However, various SMPP clients are available in the market to send a high volume of messages to an SMPP server. An SMPP client can initiate more than one session with a server.

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