Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch” width=”270″ align=”left” />An affordable, Swiss-made chronograph, the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch is a feasible alternative for the mechanical options that are costing a bomb! Tissot’s access to a broad spectrum of manufacturing resources helped them to lower the price barrier and created a piece that’s more of a hit than miss. Tissot’s reputation as a racing brand continues but without shedding its traditional looks.

The deep set dial steals the show. It is somewhere between white and a pale, cream shade, offering a subtle contrast to the grey hands. The outcome is a kind of clarity that makes reading time easy but doesn’t hurt the eyes. The dark green bezel with a tachymeter scale measuring speed up to 400 kilometers/miles per hour surrounding the dial and holding the sapphire crystal is another soothing addition to the whole ensemble.

The dial layout of the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch is completely dashboard-inspired. The counters and the tachymeter bezel reminds of the motorsports in the mid 1900-s and brings more than a fair amount of adrenalin rush, which is essential for living off the edge with a zero tolerance for missing out on actions! The counters represent 30 chronograph minutes in increments of 1/10th of a second, while the central 60-seconds chronograph hand supports ADD and SPLIT functions. That’s all you need for speed sports.

The perforated leather strap makes the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch wearable for without any break. The buckle is neatly rounded off along its edges and brought to an ultra-smooth, mirror polish that spreads the reflected light, thus avoiding the tinny shine even many a high-end watches fail to escape. It’s rich leather, hence parity is maintained. It needs a little breaking in; however, it’s supple enough not to cause any trouble with first time use and tough enough not to cause either with prolonged usage. This perforated strap is not exactly dressy unless cargos, cabin boots and bright, colorful shirts are what you consider to be dressy.

Inside the case is an ETA G10.212 – A workhorse Swiss quartz movement with chronograph functions. It’s very accurate, robust and comparatively cheaper than many of its peers. It consumes less battery; expect a three-year gap between battery changes provided you use the chronograph moderately, about three times every two days. The scratch resistant Sapphire crystal is absolutely invisible from certain angles and allows a view of the beige/silver dial as it is. Even for the luminous hands and markers.

Bottom line: The Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph T106.417.16.032.00 Men’s Watch is a decent-looking, everyday chronograph watch that doesn’t stare at you or at an onlooker, making it a safe choice to be worn either at work or at the club.

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