Travelling is learning vs. fun experience especially while onboard to a destination whereby you may meet quite interesting people who make or add to the experience. However, the scenario before on-boarding is sometimes rough and tough with issues of finding the right motor park, right vehicle and booking agent that provide transport suitable for the journey in terms of distance and travellers comfort.
With existence of popular Motor Agents like Cross Country, CHISCO, ABC Transport, God is Good Motors (GIGM), GUO Motors etc using the Luxurious Busses that provide a comfy and fun-filled experience, getting on these buses still become an issue considering the motor park situation.
In some parts, motor parks don’t provide the serenity needed to safely walk around to explore and choose the right vehicle due to operations of the passenger seekers popularly known as Agbero, Park thugs, Hawkers and even jam-packed status of people and vehicle, thereby making the process tiring.
These experiences in most instances make some travellers feel land travel is unsafe, whereas it is impossible for everyone to actually travel through air considering the cost and destination proximity in some states. This brings us to the issue of seeking alternative routes that make our travel arrangement a smooth one whereby the process and action (travel experience) keeps the individual safe despite distance and situations.
The sure way out is definitely use of Online Bus and cab Booking Services in Nigeria that link intending travellers with appropriate vehicles and motor agents in terms of quality service, vehicle condition and clients safety before via while on-board.