Dortmund/Germany, 30th October 2018. tde – trans data elektronik GmbH has visualized its successful optical splice enclosures configurator. For this purpose the network expert has integrated high-resolution photos of all distribution types and adapters. Thanks to intuitive and simplified user guidance, customers get fast and individual configurations. A selection bar shows the progress of the configuration process and allows customers to make changes and adjustments at any time. The visual support makes it possible to configure the splice enclosures more precisely, safely and error-free. The extended optical splice enclosures configurator is now available at .

The optical splice enclosures configurator, which has been extended by product visualization, is based on the product database of tde’s own CrossMediaPublishing system. In terms of operability, tde relies on the proven concept of its fibre optic configurator: in three steps, customers can configure perfectly fitting and plausible splice and breakout boxes with a wide variety of components. From ST to E2000 connectors, all common fibre optic connector faces are possible. First, customers choose the distributor type: 19-inch rack mount enclosures, wall-mount enclosures, sub rack or DIN rail modules from the tBL and tDF ranges are available. After the decision for a splice or breakout application, the second step follows the assembly according to the criteria fibre type, optical fibre coupling type and pigtails. Customers benefit from the new, improved visualization: tde has marked the OM classes according to the officially standardized color. The adapters can be enlarged by clicking on them and show a high-resolution image. Once the appropriate number of adapters has been selected, the finished configuration can be equipped with an optional extra, depending on the product. An intelligent test system ensures that users can only create plausible and error-free configurations.

“We always offer our customers the highest quality standards in all areas – for products as well as for services. We already visualized our fibre optic patch and trunk cable configurator a few months ago. The reaction of our customers was consistently positive. We are therefore pleased to make our visualized optical splice enclosures configurator available to them,” says Andre Engel, Managing Director of tde.

The online tool displays all configuration steps and the installed components in a selection bar. This allows customers to make changes and adjustments at any time. Once users have completed the configuration, it is possible to generate a data sheet on which all the technical parameters of the installed components are listed in detail. At the same time, the desired configuration can be included in a watch list at the push of a button and then sent directly as a request to the tde sales office. The latter can react very fast to requests, eliminating the need for time-consuming enquiries.

tde makes its revised optical splice enclosures configurator available at .