October 22, 2018

Pune, India – Growing by leaps and bounds in Enterprise and FinTech engineering, MSys Technologies welcomes industry veteran Shailesh Bam to further compound customer value addition and bolster their growth trajectory.

Like Yogi Berra (American professional baseball catcher) said, “The future ain’t what it used to be!” It is the age of (demanding) customers and digitization is the buzzword. Enterprises are forging their digital strategy to create new business models and shareholder value. Big data (both structured and unstructured) gets generated in tons with the ascent of omnipresent high-bandwidth mobile networks, intelligent edge devices, massive cloud networks, and emerging satellite data networks. The core engine for all this is driven by Cloud Engineering, Analytics, Automation, Mobility, DevOps, UX/UI, AI and Machine Learning. And that’s where MSys Technologies naturally fits in with its product engineering services expertise for enterprise and Silicon Valley clientele.

Shailesh remarks with exuberance, “I am very much excited to be part of MSys family. The key reason I have chosen to be part of MSys is because of its product engineering services excellence, open culture and innovative millennial workforce. I am convinced that together WE CAN accelerate MSys to become the reliable product engineering services partner for our customers and innovative workplace for our employees.”

Sanjay Sehgal (CEO, MSys Technologies) joins the pulsating moment with “Shailesh is a great mix of hands on practitioner and seasonal manager with extensive experience in mentoring and growing people and businesses. Shailesh’s experience in growing engineering teams, creating loyal delighted customers and spearing heading efforts into new BU’s will be instrumental for the strategic direction of MSys.”

About Shailesh Bam: Shailesh is an industry veteran with solid 27 years of professional experience. Shailesh’s longest stint was with Hewlett Packard, where he managed product R&D and innovation resulting into multiple patents/disclosures in networking, storage and virtualization areas. He also had entrepreneurial stint earlier.

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